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Internet Marketing Guide
for Artists

How can you promote yourself if people don't know how to find you? Here's something that can help all of you creatives out there.

Let's bury the rotting carcass "starving artist" right now. It is a myth that we have impinged upon ourselves for so long that it seems to have wrapped it's insidious talons into the very DNA of our cultural psyches.

Let's burn and bury it now! There is no reason that this mythology need continue on. The very business model and even "heartless" technology is making personal abundance attainable to all people.


Ok, cutting to the chase, here are some free ad sites where you can write and promote yourselves…for free:


Just check out these sites. There are so many other places too. The list goes way beyond what I can make time for. I mostly use EzineArticles and USFreeAds. The others are great also. Take your choice.

We are in an age of abundance and so many options! It's just that, as a people, we are still stuck in the dreamland of poverty and limitation consciousness. We believe we still have to work for "the Man."

Now all of you creatives can really make use of these resources to further your careers. It can serve as a great adjunct with whatever else you might be doing to promote yourselves.

But do you know how to use the computer you are sitting at to get your name out to 1,000 people, to 10,000+ people? Or?

Use the technology to help yourselves!

There are so many free sites to post to; forums, free blog sites, YouTube, MySpace, etc. etc.

Do not let money or lack of it prevent you from making money. Do your research. Understand the concepts of basic marketing, about keyword research and knowing where to market yourselves.

It is not complicated. It comes down to this:

    1. Find a hungry crowd
    2. Feed them
    3. Get paid.

Pretty simple. It is the preponderance of techniques that will kill you though. Just so much to choose from. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Choose one approach, make a plan and follow through.

If you're a creative like me with little business and marketing background, then it's so easy to feel stuck in the mud, living in a world that seems to be so business dense.

I now keep it very simple: I write short ads as an affiliate (free), post the ads and affiliate links to article or ad sites (free); and when someone reads the ad and clicks on the link and purchases from the linked site, then I get the commission. Plain and simple, it works.

This may not be new information to a lot of you, but keeping up with the fine but simple nuances of keyword and market research is info that needs to be part of all artists' marketing arsenal.

Now, if you want to save yourselves a ton of time and wasted running around in circles, check out the site, called Wealthy Affiliate. It is run by two guys named Kyle and Carson. Go to their promo page for the "Who loves money guide." Their customer service is beyond great.

They give personal coaching whenever I have a question that cannot be solved through their forum. And the forum itself is worth gold! It is the most positive, supportive, highly knowledgeable internet marketing online community I've ever encountered.

Ok, enough of what may sound to you like so much hype. The main thing is action. That's what I've come to learn. Act with a plan though. Don't waste time. If you're an artist (actor, musician, painter, writer, etc.) there is no such thing as "starving artist." Strike that from your consciousness! Burn and bury it now, and create with the vision and passion that is at the bedrock of who you are!

Ok again, as I get off my soapbox.

One last thing: the power of the internet to do good and to also promote yourselves, your art, music, writings, etc., will prove to be a most powerful ally if you just take the time to understand its powers and limitations. There's no need to get swallowed up by information overload, to get overwhelmed by the shear volume of info and all of the "latest techniques" on the web.

It's not too late to get on the internet marketing bandwagon. It's not really all that complicated!

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