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Sonic AscensionSonic Ascension
Sacred S
ound Journeys Into the Vortex, Vol. 1
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Bruce Manaka, author of "Flights of a Runaway Monk" was born into a family of artists. His Grandmother taught the traditional Japanese art of Ikenobo Ikebana (flower arranging)—receiving high recognition in Japan and his Mother taught Japanese watercolor painting. Building on these strong ancestral roots, Bruce's art is a blend of archetypal patterns and forms that express the soul's innate longing for freedom. At the core of his work is a basic simplicity and harmony—a culmination of the 19 years he spent in a monastery, living a life of meditation and contemplation.

“To me, artistic creation is born of deep inner listening. It is about the energies of the artist embracing the dark mystery that we are, giving form and substance to what wishes to be expressed. And with deep listening comes a kind of surrender, an open window allowing the artist to “see” and experience universal patterns of creation. Nature expresses in infinite forms, guiding the artist/seer inwardly to deeper and deeper levels of mystery until he is face to face with the Unspeakable Beauty. He then begins to understand that the underlying fabric of this Beauty is fathomless Love, and that its tapestry can be seen everywhere and in all things."


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