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"The Magic of Harmonics"

“A magical and excellent event...I began to be able to "hear inside"—as if in my bones!”
Wendy Fleet, San Jose

Bruce Manaka, combines the ancient vocal techniques of overtone chanting with the beautiful tones of quartz singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, drum and digiridoo to create dynamic vibratory environments that raises the consciousness of everyone present.

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“Very powerful work. Truthfully, for a change I'm somewhat speechless.”
      —Richard Bernstein (Aptos, CA)

“The experience raised my frequency and subtly shifted my chakras. Now I need to understand what and how it affects my path.”
      —Joshua Hastings (Mountain View, CA)

“The energy that was thrown out was profoundly powerful. The guided journey to the Higher Self was extraordinary. The whole experience threw me into such a deep meditative place, that I have only been able to remove myself from it after a slight lag.”
      —Peter Guidotti (Mountain View, CA)

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